1. Somewhere in between a slow disco track and a soulful moombahton remix lies this pretty pearl created by Brittish producer Jamrock. Features the well known sample from Minnie Riperton’s ‘Inside My Love’, as sampled by Jean Jacques Smoothie back in 2001.

    Not as good as Monsieur Adi’d take of Daft Punk’s ‘Make Love’ mixed with Ellie Goulding’s ‘Guns And Horses’. Still, very much worth checking out. Carlos Serrano’s used Rihanna on a Daft Punk classic.

  2. French producer Lobot’s Head is giving away a remix he did on ‘Hardiscount’ by Tiam Wills ft. Elsalou. (The entire remix EP is a freebie.) This is definitely our favorite though.

    Samples by Amy Winehouse, found earlier in Ifan Dafydd’s rendition on the track, ‘No Good’. XXYYXX also picked them up in ‘Fields’, and his track has been edited by Hesk & Paveun. Download link has run out, but there’s a new link up in the comment section on SC.

  3. Can’t miss out on this one. Black Sun Empire’s going to release their fifth album ‘From The Shadows’ in october. They will be touring. And to celebrate, here’s a free track from the new album. Track is titled ‘Delorean’.

  4. Nice combination of tracks here. Riot Earp and Hartbreaks (David?) mashup of Feist’s ‘One Evening’ and Nadastrom’s ‘Dusted’. Deeper stuff, wait for the track to build up a little. And yeah, Moombahton.

    Ambassadeurs is Mark Dobson, Brittish producer of future beats. His latest one is titled ‘My World’, unsure where he got the vocal samples. Probably old RnB track.

    Also, for the lazy. Here’s a rundown of our favorite tracks of this month. Easy to play, or follow through to download em at the artist’s Soundcloud page. And also, follow those guys. ALSO.

  5. Gigamesh remixes Junior Byron’s ‘Dance To The Music’ (1983). It’s up for grabs on the Gigamesh facebook page. Share some love for him there.

    Sticking with the genre, another late-eighties/early-nineties kind of remix by Moon Boots. His take on ‘Peanut Butter’ by Alison Valentine. Again, the piano does it.

  6. Conner Youngblood’s ‘Sketches pt.2’ is up on Soundcloud. Eight great tracks by the Dallas Singer/songwriter, still nothing seems to beat ‘Warpath’. He even does an awesome ‘I Gotta Feeling’.

    On that pop-covering topic: Oh my, Mariah Carey. Holobody does a great take on ‘Fantasy’. Pleasant little thing hosted by Bad Panda.

  7. Not sure how long the DL this will stay up, but here’s the instrumental mix of Avicii’s ‘Last Dance’. He himself, Tim Berg, is hosting it on Soundcloud.

    Fantastic instruments used by Draper today. This new track’s titled ‘Flashback’. Follow through to download.

    Out on Bad Panda: ‘Slow Burning Bliss’ by the Dead Times. Somewhere in between folk and awesome electronic music. Caribou, Miike Snow, that kind of thing. I guess.

  8. Classic Joker. This was being played back in 2010 by Skreams and Bengas. Still ain’t got no name yet.

    This is from that same time. A take on Rusko’s ‘Hold On (Sub Focus Remix)’ by Big Makk. Dubstep/Trap crossover thingy.

  9. The new mixtape is up. As per usual, free tracks thanks to Poolside, Volta Cab, Augustin, Moon Boots, Jonas Rathsman, Isaac Tichauer, The Establishment, Bit Funk, Tiilakk, Spedro, Lorenzo, Rogue Vogue, Douster, Kyle Watson and Sfeer. It’s up in the site header and on Soundcloud.

    Nice remix on Stardust’s ‘Music Sounds Better With You’. Or, edit. Really nice rework anyways. Great job on the break.

    Deep trap. Was waiting for some deeper arrangements to be made. Cabo Blanco delivers.

  10. Timberlake on a Basstrap-bandwagon. Can see this suddenly popping up on festival stages and club nights. Low-pitched voice does it. Maybe a little less of the original acapella though..

    New remix by Adventure Club is titled ‘To A Friend’, original by Alexisonfire. Nice, detailed, great synths, dubstep parts sound well taken care of.

    Neki Stranac still going strong. Constantly putting out pitched down house tracks. This is his edit on Gregor Salto’s ‘Zica Memo’ remix. All good, but damn that dude screaming.


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